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*LIMITED EDITION* Printed Ode to the Christie Chicks & Chaps by Mike Christie

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An A4 printed printed (and personally signed!) version of Mike's unique 'Ode to the Christie Chicks & Chaps' for you to frame or do whatever you like with! Mike wrote this ode on 11th November 2020 to thank and show appreciation for the incredible Christie Chicks & Chaps (on Facebook), specifically those who supported him by buying their tickets for his 'surprise' show by midnight on 10th November 2020 as part of #TheMikeMustGoOn concert series.

A *LIMITED EDITION* of just 50, and the numbers will be given in the order they are purchased, so for example, the first person to buy this will received No. 1 of 50 and so on. Get yours before it's too late!

PLEASE NOTE - the image has been blurred to prevent copying, and you will receive a copy that is very much in focus and personally signed!

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