Booklet of Lyrics: 'The Mike Must Go On'

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A printed booklet of lyrics for Mike's latest solo album 'The Mike Must Go On' for all ten self-penned songs.

LIMITED EDITION of 50 copies, #1 will be given to the first person who buys this, and so on in order to be fair to everyone. Once they are gone, they are gone!

Ode to the Christie Chicks & Chaps

An A4 printed printed (and personally signed!) version of Mike's unique 'Ode to the Christie Chicks & Chaps' for you to frame or do whatever you like with! Mike wrote this ode on 11th November 2020 to thank and show appreciation for the incredible Christie Chicks & Chaps (on Facebook), specifically those who supported him by buying their tickets for his 'surprise' show by midnight on 10th November 2020 as part of #TheMikeMustGoOn concert series.

A *LIMITED EDITION* of just 50, and the numbers will be given in the order they are purchased, so for example, the first person to buy this will received No. 1 of 50 and so on. Get yours before it's too late!

PLEASE NOTE - the image has been blurred to prevent copying, and you will receive a copy that is very much in focus and personally signed!

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