Mike's Valentine Tour 2022

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Join Mike for an exclusive intimate 14-date solo tour across the UK, where you can hang out with him for a few hours, then be serenaded by him at the piano with some of the greatest love songs of all time, including some of his own self-penned songs from the heart. Tickets are strictly limited due to the nature of the venues.

3rd Feb - London* [Experiences SOLD OUT! Buy show tickets by clicking here.]
8th Feb - Abingdon, Oxford [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]
9th Feb - Sutton Coldfield [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]
10th Feb - Stockport, Manchester [Experience: 14:00. Live show: 19:30]
11th Feb - Grantham, Lincolnshire [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]
12th Feb - Stowmarket, Suffolk [Experience: 10:30. Live show: 14:30]
13th Feb - Wokingham, Berkshire [Experience: 10:30. Live show: 14:30]
22nd Feb - Cardiff [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]
23rd Feb - Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]
24th Feb - Plymouth [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]
25th Feb - Bournemouth [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]
26th Feb - Maidstone, Kent [Experience: 10:30. Live show: 14:30]
27th Feb - Selsey, West Sussex [Experience: 10:30. Live show: 14:30]
9th Mar - Edinburgh [Experience: 15:00. Live show: 19:00]

Tuesday to Friday

  • Experience: 15:00-18:00 (14:00-17:00 Stockport)
  • Live Show: 19:00-21:00** (19:30-21:30 in Stockport/19:00-20:15 in London)
Saturday & Sunday
  • Experience: 10:30-13:30
  • Live Show: 14:30-16:30
When you book, you won't get a physical ticket, but you'll get an email confirmation, and your name will be added to the Guest List. The venues are secret, but specifically in the location that you've chosen so that you can plan, and ticket-holders will be contacted with further details.

Join Mike for an 'Experience' (usually a Tea & Cake Reception, but not all!) and attend the 'Live Show' in the evening, which will be two halves with an interval. You can instead watch any of these show live on Mike's Crowdcast channel if you're not able to get to a particular location in person, as a fly-on-the-wall, or in fact watch back shows you attend in person on-demand afterwards.

The 'Experience' will generally be a Tea & Cake Reception, with the exception of the following:
  • London - Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, Lifesize Monopoly, Aftershow Dinner (ALL SOLD OUT)
  • Sutton Coldfield - bucks fizz & chocolate making
  • Grantham, Lincolnshire - T&C Reception
  • Stowmarket - T&C Reception with parlour games
  • Wokingham - 1970s Raclette & Fondue Party
  • Plymouth - T&C Reception with 'afternoon at the races' theme

** An exception to this is the London 'Live Show' which is 19:00-20:15 without interval, and the Stockport 'Live Show' which is 19:30 with two halves and an interval. For both London and Stockport the 'Experience' and 'Live Show' are in different venues, whereas for all other locations they are in the same venues.

Please note this button link will NOT go LIVE until 5pm this evening!

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