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Murder Mystery Event with Mike in Cowes

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Tarquin Gurnard Esq, the Commodore of the Royal Sailing Squadron, was murdered last night, where his body was discovered in the early hours of this morning by the gates of the royal pontoon. He had been stabbed in the back with a knife, and had a carved pumpkin over his head like a motorbike helmet. His wristwatch was smashed, and since the time had stopped at 12:10, it is believed that he was killed just after midnight. The coroner came out right away and reckoned that Tarquin had only just been murdered within a few hours. Can you work out who killed him by the end of the evening?

A unique opportunity to join Mike for a murder mystery in Cowes that he has written himself! The event will take place on the afternoon and evening of Saturday 8th February 2025.

You can just pay a £50 deposit for now to secure your place, however if you would like accommodation you must commit to that right away (bearing in mind it will get more expensive as time goes on for those booking their own accommodation). You can also pay for the event in full now if you prefer. If you pay a deposit, then the remainder will be due on 1st September 2024 and the deposit will be deducted from the amount you pay.

A large house will be rented in Cowes which you can stay in to save money on booking a hotel separately, but this is an optional extra and only while rooms last! If you would like to share a room with a specific person, make sure that you have both booked and that you state who you would like to share with.

Optional Sunday brunch with Mike also available as an option.

Please note: 'BYO' means 'Bring Your Own' so food and drinks won't be provided if you select this option.

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